we love what we do
The right team for your project

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we love what we do
The right team for your project

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Our story
in short

Open Health is a company born in Colombia in 2011 to capitalize on the knowledge of international electronic standards in health (such as HL7, DICOM and IHE) throughout Latin America, its founders are engineers who developed high-impact experiences innovative in Colombia, Uruguay and Ecuador in the public and private sectors.

Open Health articulates technology solutions with a strong open source component software products, after having conducted a testing and adaptation to the needs of health care. Achieving lower costs of unnecessary licensing to achieve levels incorporate qualified service at a competitive price.

Review the state of the art of each of the technology areas that occur in health institutions, in addition to academic research activities, we have own key developments in hand, to optimize care processes.

It is what we are, what we believe. What we do reflects the value we have and what we believe. We project the future in the work we do today.

We believe that this strategy with quality, efficiency and a great experience for the patient are not interchangeable. On the contrary, it is a cycle that feeds on the right technology implemented by us.


For starters, we’ve done it before. Not only that but also, our projects are driven to improve and develop the health experience. Simple, Right?

Well, you’ve been around health institutions for a while, so you know about the complexity of its operations. So you know, as well as we do that technology needs to be approached in an broad and integral manner. This means, besides the obvious, that procedures, training and the rightful kind of project management is as important as the technology on its own.

We make it happen.


We work with our clients not in the traditional Provider-Consumer dynamics but like partners instead. We believe this is only how we will get to were we want to be and we are invested to it.

No technology project can cover the vastness, high complexity and stakes per se, it needs both, expertise in the business, which you have and technology dexterity, which we have.

Let’s get these together and build a unique EXPERIENCE for your patients
& a more PROFITABLE business for the institution.

  • Process Improvements
  • Efficiency in technology acquisition
  • Do not overtechnize
  • Budget performance
  • Low licensing cost
  • Quality of service
  • Permanent Operational Research

  • High tech solution in healthcare
  • Collaboration with healthcare informatics
  • We feel the t-shirt of our customers
  • Professional empathy
  • Honesty and impartiality
  • Collaborative spirit

Europe Office

Pier01 Barcelona Tech City – Palau de Mar Plaça Pau Vila, 1 – Bloc A, Planta 3, Porta 3A3

08003 Barcelona, Spain

+34 692152546


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